Issue #7: Late February 2018

  • In December, four ninth grade Hazen students attended the VEEP Youth Climate Leaders Academy and developed an idea for the project of bringing Hazen’s Greenhouse back into production. In the words of student Abigail Demers, as published in a front page Hardwick Gazette article: “It’s a really good thing because it’s kind of student-led and we have Mr. Considine here. We do most of it and he’s here to help us with the bigger steps. It’s just a really great learning experience for us, because we learn how to take charge and get things done.”

Zac Gravel, Abigail Demers, Madison Bartlett, Harley Papineau


  • Adjacent to the Hazen Greenhouse, the Hazen composting program is getting up and running with students from science teacher Jay Modry’s class.


  • The Hazen Wellness Fair, organized by VSAC Aspirations Coordinator, Michelle Legere, featured a variety of community organizations with resources for physical, social, emotional, and nutritional wellbeing. Here, teachers and students taste-test local rainbow carrots and make carrot necklaces, aka “snack-laces” 🙂



  • Student Council Members at Lakeview are collaborating with the CAE on an evaluation project to measure the impact and best practices of place-based learning. In the photo below, they review the data collected in their survey of OSSU 5th and 6th graders, preparing to present their findings to Greensboro residents at the annual school meeting on March 8th. An excerpt from their upcoming presentation: “As part of the Lakeview student council we think the type of learning kids enjoy is important and we asked our peers what learning experiences they want more of. Kids thought that they did not get to learn outside as much as they would like to. They also thought that their schedule needed more science, math, learning about animals, physical activity, field trips and learning about nature. We hope the voters and school board of our town will agree and make some changes.”

Lydia Hall, Anika Leahy, Zola Kehler, Lillian Hayden meeting with Reeve and Bethany from CAE

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