Issue #11: Early May 2018

Hazen Service Week

1200 hours. This, incredibly, is the amount of community service recently performed by Hazen High School students in just one week. As seventh through ninth graders dug in to a week of standardized testing, the rest of the student body dug, raked, painted, and pruned their way through four days of volunteer work at area farms, business, and organizations. In our visits to many of the work sites, we spoke to hosts who were thrilled by the positive energy and productivity of the student workers. We saw students smiling and laughing and problem solving together, sometimes accomplishing tasks that the host hadn’t assumed possible. We heard students excited about employment opportunities that arose from their service work, and we heard teachers inspired to pursue new collaborations and curricular connections with community partners.  

Connective tissue between classrooms and community members is a key ingredient to the vitality of our school system and our community as a whole. It is wonderful to witness these relationships being joyfully exercised and growing stronger.

Thank you to all those who helped make the first annual Hazen Service Week possible, including students, teachers, school staff, and the community partners recognized below.

Work project hosts this year included:

  • Hardwick Town House
  • Hardwick Area Food Pantry
  • VT Natural Coatings
  • Center for an Agricultural Economy/Atkins Field
  • Hardwick Trails Association
  • Craftsbury Community Care Center
  • Greensboro Nursing Home
  • Highland Lodge
  • East View Farm
  • Hosmer Point
  • Harvest Hill Farm
  • Agape Hill Farm
  • Heartbeet Lifesharing
  • Hardwick Elementary School
  • Brown’s Beautiful Blueberries

Snack donations provided by:

  • Pete’s Greens
  • Jasper Hill
  • Sterling College

Wellness activity provided by:

  • Craftsbury Outdoor Center Rowing Team

Greenhouse Project
New life is being breathed into the Hazen Greenhouse! So many hands and heads have come together to transform this space and return it to a living part of the school community. While Hazen students cleaned, weeded and prepped the space (before and after pics below), Hardwick Elementary students started pumpkin seeds in their classroom which they will transplant to the greenhouse on May 22nd. Over the summer, a new extended year services program will be based at Hazen and will help out with summer care of the greenhouse crops, which will include basil, tomatoes, flowers and melons as well as enough pumpkins for the annual Pumpkin Walk.



Dairy in the Classroom at Woodbury

Woodbury School K-2 students are participating in the New England Dairy & Food Council’s Dairy in the Classroom program for the next five weeks. On the first day, visiting educator Virginia Holiman led them through games, stories, costumes and songs to learn about farming and milk production. Homemade butter was the culminating (and very delicious!) activity.  


For those wishing to know more, here is a synopsis of the program from NEDFC’s website:  Dairy in the Classroom is a program offered to PK-3rd grade teachers in Vermont schools and funded by Vermont Dairy farmers. The program was designed by Virginia Holiman to increase students’ appreciation and knowledge of dairy farming, dairy products and healthy eating.


  • Five 75 minute classroom visits from a Dairy in the Classroom educator
  • Variety of fun hands-on activities related to cows, dairy farming, and the production of dairy products
  • Field trip to a cow-based dairy farm
  • Grant funding of $200 per classroom to cover field trip expenses


Spring in the Garden at Wolcott Elementary

Spring Fling day at Wolcott Elementary was sunny and beautiful. All of the students took some time to reconnect with the garden and check on how the new orchard survived the winter. Discoveries included: DELICIOUS spinach and other greens that weathered the deep freeze inside the low tunnel, lots of deer activity, daffodils popping up around the new apple trees where students had planted bulbs in the fall, and garlic shoots rising greenly up through their cozy covering of straw.

An all school garden work day is planned for May 30th and will include a project to add a raspberry patch! The raspberry plants are being donated by nearby Bear Swamp Farm where a group of students will travel to dig up the transplants and bring them back to school.

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